A free, easy-to-use PMS Simplified management for Hostels and small Hotels

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Access hundreds of functionalities with just one click, from calendar

  • Everything kept easy and simple.
  • Smooth administration for private rooms and shared dorms
  • Cleaning and Housekeeping management integrated in calendar
  • Drag and drop
  • Keep track of customers
  • Payments tracking, swiftly identify outstanding balances
  • Efficient Check-Ins and Checkouts with automatic error detection
  • Reports
  • Monitor Employees Activities
  • Multi-user support in Spanish, English, and Italian
  • Dedicated web interface for cleaning staff
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  • For Smoother operations.
  • To Keep Reservation history.
  • To extract and access a variety of insightful reports.
  • deskydoo PMS also offers staff management capabilities to streamline your team.
  • A PMS is a valuable tool that will save you both time and money.

Update 2023: Now Free for All

This decision wasn't easy, but launching an online product is costly in terms of time and money. Thanks to it being a solo project and running on a free GCP micro instance, I offer this service free for everyone.

No ads, no credit card required, no expensive modules to buy. Everything completely free.

Please be aware that any future server upgrades (if usage will increase) may come with charges. Note: I'm not liable for any data loss.

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Get Started - It's free