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PMS - Property Management System

Property, reservation, earnings, expenses, housekeeping and staff administration

Innovative Calendar

  • Manage Bookings
  • Handle group reservations as they arrive.
  • Immediate Payment Due View
  • Immediate Arrivals/Departures track
  • Notification system shared between receptionists and managers
  • Calendar-based Housekeeping management
  • Verify Single Guest/Group Stays with the calendar

Complete and easy booking management

  • Easy and immediate view of just relevant informations
  • Individual/Flexible check-out and check-in times.
  • Individual/Flexible/Groups payments
  • Extras services (tours, bycicles, dinner) record
  • Discounts, Seasons, returnable deposits
  • Guests details/pictures records
  • Cross-checks before checkout To prevent common errors.
  • Warning System and Shared Notes Among Receptionists
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Insights into Receptionists Actions


  • Payment Status Tracking
  • Earning Overview
  • Room-by-Room Occupancy Monitoring
  • Checkins, Checkouts

Rooms view

Simplified version for mobile phones

Fast and immediate interface, tp add reservations, and check your hostel status in any moment, everywhere

Software overview video