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Software Overview

hostels, hotels, apartments complete and simple administration
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Beds and Rooms view

  • Beds View, granular management of your properties (PMS interface)
  • Rooms view, to manage every room, perfect for hotels and airbnb (PMS interface)
  • Drag and drop calendar to Move/Extend/Change reservations
  • Notificaction System. Receive notification when some receptionist add a new booking
  • Automatic update. Calendar updates when some other receptionist update it
  • Easy Reservation state, by color
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Complete and easy booking management

  • Booking management system (BMS)
  • Customers Management (CRM)
  • Easily reconstruct the customers history over time
  • Check out cross controls
  • Warning System and shared notes between receptionists
  • Payments management and reports
  • Extra services or returnable deposits
  • Booking History, to see receptionists actions

You can add a picture with a QR code

in less then 10 seconds, even if you don't have a scanner

Useful when you need a copy of the ID, or a guest's picture ***

*** depending on your property's policies, and if it's allowed in your country
  • Scan QR code with any mobile phone
  • Take a picture and associate it with the reservation
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  • Dashboard to check your property
  • Missing payments
  • Occupancy room by room
  • Checkins
  • Checkouts
  • Earnings


  • Reports of all bookings
  • Customers rerport
  • Payments report
  • Report by rooms
  • Extract all your property's datas in CSV