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deskydoo -
hostels, hotels and apartments administration software

An easy-to-use PMS. Manage your property, your guests and your employees anytime and everywhere

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Increase in guests satisfaction
Average error reduction using a PMS
Spent in UX design
Cloud technology growth rate per year
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Average time to learn to use deskydoo PMS
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  • Yes, a PMS reduces errors by 70%
  • Yes, you can keep all reservations history
  • Yes you can extract reports
  • deskydoo PMS helps you manage your staff, too
  • Yes, dekydoo PMS will save you time and money
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Hundreds of functionalities in just one click

  • Administer your properties (PMS)
  • Beds view, to control every single bed, perfect if you have shared rooms
  • Manage cleaning staff
  • All reservations in one place (CRS)
  • Manage all your customers (CRM)
  • Drag and drop calendar to Move/Extend properties reservations
  • Manage all Payments
  • Manage check-ins, checkouts
  • Unlimited reports
  • Manage a history of what your employees/staff did
  • Fast view of reservations in the calendar
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2022 updated prices

Prices are flexible, because are calculated por bed numbers.

For example, you can register a 24pax hostel, a hotel with 12 double rooms, 24 apartmets 1 pax, or 6 apartments 4pax each one for the same fixed rate.