Administration and management of the daily cleaning procedures, notification to the staff when guests checkout, notify reception when the room is ready, check cleaning timings, force room cleaning request from reception

Cleaning Duties

cleaning process, on checkout, room is setup as dirty, reception always informed about cleaning status
  • Cleaning staff is notified on mobile web app when guests check out
  • provides a custom interface (desk/mobile) for cleaning staff
  • Cleaning staff can review which guests will leave today or tomorrow, without knowing the guests' names
  • Reception is notified about room cleaning process and status
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Clean timings and work organization

From the calendar in the reception you can see who is cleaning a room.

You can check how much time a room has to wait before cleaning begins, and you get notified when the room is ready to begin the check-in procedures.

cleaning flowchart, 1, room dirty, 2, room cleaning, 3, reception notified when room is clean

Scale up your administration

This cloud-based system is versatile, whether you're managing one hostel with four rooms or multiple properties across different cities. You have the flexibility to assign and coordinate cleaning teams for each property independently. For instance, if you oversee three apartments in Rome and Florence, the Florence cleaning team can plan their work a day in advance. They receive notifications when guests check out and when cleaning begins and ends, allowing you to track response times and cleaning efficiency easily.