Staff Management

Organize the work of your employees and volunteers, sync receptionists, shared notes and warning system, dedicated interface for cleaning staff

Staff Accounts

helps you manage your staff.

You can differentiate users

Every user has its permissions

So you can check what your staff did, and when


Staff Management

provide dedicated custom interfaces for your staff (desktop and mobile).

The cleaning staff has its custom page with pieces of information about rooms status. So they know which rooms are dirty, they get notified when somebody checks out, and they can see beds/rooms/apartments that will checkout today - or tomorrow

The reception is automatically notified about who and when somebody from the cleaning staff begins to clean a room

And when the room is ready, too

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Distributed properties

is scalable.

Staff management features (as property management features) can be scaled at any level

Management and Staff are conscious of the property status everywhere, at any time

So it's easy to create a responsibility scale, and to automate processes, such as for example, cleaning apartments in remote location with different staff

You can control everything from any central point anywhere in the world

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